Open Source

As a result of ongoing development activities, the following repositories are now available in the project’s GitHub account:

They are divided in four blocks:

The 5G-TRANSFORMER code will be also maintained and evolved in the follow-up 5GPPP Phase 3 project 5GROWTH:




Virtlet and CRI Proxy.

Open source projects used to launch virtual machines on the top of kubernetes clusters. Lightweight virtual infrastructure manager integrated in the 5G-TRANSFORMER Mobile Transport and computing Platform (MTP) particularly suited for edge deployments. Available at:


Extension of ONOS app exposing REST interface for establishing/retrieve/delete optical intents (when an intent is established a suggested path and optical channel can be specified). Available at:

Part of the Cloudify community.

Contribution to AWSSDK plugin.

Part of the OSM community

Listed in the Open Source MANO research projects page: