TABLE 1: List of patent applications reported at the end of Y2

#Patent Application Number and TitlePartner
1PCT/IB2019/052094 - “Method for restoring the connection of a telecommunications network” (previously registered in Italy as “Metodo per il ripristino della connessione di una rete di telecomunicazioni”). Linked with: WO 2019/175835 A1 – “Modification of a Functional Split in case of Insufficient Availability of Resources” SSSA
2PCT/US18/46747 - “Methods for advertising and selecting network slices dual-connectivity and multi-subscriber scenarios in 5G”IDCC
3PCT/EP2018/066481 - "Multi-access edge computing, MEC, system and method for operating the same".NEC
4Patent in the area of ‘IP continuity checks’NOK-N
5Patent in the area of ‘Service instance discovery’NOK-N