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5G personalized health emergency service (Nov. 2019 event)

Sistema de emergencia de salud personalizado 5G (evento de nov. 2019)

e-Industry PoC demonstration

eHealth PoC demonstration

Entertainment PoC demonstration

5G-TRANSFORMER entertainment TRL6 demo during Mutuactivos Open de EspaƱa (October 2019)

MVNO PoC demonstration

5G-TRANSFORMER Common Dissemination Booster Highlights (together with 5G-CORAL)

NFV Network Service Federation: Multi-provider eHealth Emergency Service - 5G-TRANSFORMER demo

Arbitrating Network Services in 5G Networks for the Automotive Industry - 5G-TRANSFORMER demo

Automotive safety NFV network service scaling in 5G-TRANSFORMER - Demonstration @ IEEENFV-SDN 2019

Automated deployment and scaling of automotive safety services in 5G-TRANSFORMER

5G PPP 5G-TRANSFORMER EuCNC 2019 Demos (Courtesy of 5G PPP) - Verticals: Automotive and Robotics

e-Health 5G demo to KT delegates at 5TONIC

EuCNC 2019: Booth 40 - Carlos J Bernardos (5G-TRANSFORMER) and Antonio de la Oliva (5G-CORAL)

Composing NFV network services in 5G-TRANSFORMER. Demo @ ACM MobiHoc 2019


5G-TRANSFORMER: 5G Mobile Transport Platform for Verticals

Ever Heard of 5G?

Cloud Robotics

5TONIC Projects

Edge Robotics- Courtesy of Imdea Networks

Interview with 5G TRANSFORMER project coordinator, Arturo Azcorra

5G network slices for mobile communication services

5G network slices for media vertical services

Using cloudify and public & private clouds to deploy and entertainment

5G TRANSFORMER, 5G Mobile TRANSport platFORM for vERticals