5G-TRANSFORMER presence at EuCNC 2018 (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

The 27th edition of The European Conference on Networks and Communications, EuCNC 2018 is taking place from 18th to 21st of June in Ljubljana, Slovenia. This event is part of a series of technical conferences in the field of telecommunications, sponsored by IEEE ComSoc and EURASIP; and financially supported by the European Commission.

The event is focusing on communication networks and systems, services and applications. It brings together a vast community of researchers from all over the world to present their latest research results, being one of the main venues for showcasing demos and trials of research projects results, especially European R&D programmes.

5G-TRANSFORMER, in collaboration with other 5G PPP projects, is playing an active role at this important event. The partners of 5G-TRANSFORMER consortium are taking part in different activities, making important contributions and strengthening collaboration with other EU Horizon2020 5G-PPP Phase 2 projects.

General programme

EuCNC Workshops

5G-TRANSFORMER in collaboration with other 5G PPP projects participating in the Software Networks working group is involved in the organization of the following Workshops:

Workshop 2 entitled: From cloud ready to cloud native transformation: What it means and Why it matters

We participated at the Session 2 with Cloud native for vertical services, presented by Thomas Deiss (NOKIA, DE)

Workshop 3 entitled: Multi-provider, multi-vendor, multi-player orchestration: from distributed cloud to edge and fog environments in 5G

5G-TRANSFORMER project coordinator, Dr. Arturo Azcorra and Dr. Carlos Bernardos in cooperation with Dr. Antonio de la Oliva, all from the UC3M, led session 1 and introduced 5G-TRANSFORMER: enabling multi-domain network slicing at the mobile transport for verticals.

Arturo Azcorra, 5G-TRANSFORMER project Coordinator, introducing the Workshop 3, co-organized in cooperation with other 5GPPP projects.

Special Sessions

5G-TRANSFORMER participated at the Special Session 5, entitled 5G Architecture towards Verticals

5G is the first generation of mobile networks that is by design addressing the wide range of needs of the vertical industries. 5G offers unlimited mobile broadband experience, provides massive connectivity for everything from human held smart devices to sensors and machines, and most importantly, it has the ability to support critical machine communication with instant action and ultra-high reliability.

The first 5G specifications are available with 3GPP Rel.15, but further enhancements and optimization are needed to design a 5G System that meets the requirements from the vertical industries. In this special session, pitches from vertical industries, operators and vendors were collected to trigger a panel discussion on the above aspects.

In this special session from 5G TRANSFORMER project participated Diego López (Telefónica), José Enrique González (Atos), Thomas Deiss (Nokia) and Carlos Bernardos (UC3M).

EuCNC Exhibition & Booth

From June 19 to 21 at EuCNC2018, 5G-TRANSFORMER showcased its results in a joint booth with 5G Coral and 5G Ex (Booth # 2). This exhibition booth showed demos from these 3 different projects, which are collaborating in the area of multi-domain, multi-provider orchestration of services and resources in cloud, edge and fog environments.

The 5G-TRANSFORMER project aims to transform today’s mobile transport network into an SDN/NFV-based Mobile Transport and Computing Platform (MTP), which brings the “Network Slicing” paradigm into mobile transport networks by provisioning and managing MTP slices tailored to the specific needs of vertical industries.

5G Coral, 5G-TRANSFORMER & 5G Ex panoramic view of the joint booth during EuCNC 2018.

From the 5G-TRANSFORMER side, the following  demos are taking place:

1) Orchestrating entertainment network service deployment in a hybrid cloud with Cloudify 

2) Creating a media-oriented slice through the 5G-Transformer vertical slicer 

3) Robotic Control Leveraging a Radio Network Information Service (RNIS)

4)5G network slices for mobile Communications Services

Recording the 5G-TRANSFORMER demos at the EuCNC 2018 booth

The demos and videos produced will be available on 5G TRANSFORMER YouTube Channel, here.

To know more about the demos shown during EuCNC 2018 edition click here

Apart from the above demos, other communication actions were planned to promote the 5G PPP projects outputs; such as, each demo had an accompanying poster, there was a video hosted at the joint booth as well as a general projects roll-up posters and brochures.

Great commitment and attention were put by 5G TRANSFORMER project partners to present and share with other projects their latest research results and showcasing demos among an international community of researchers.

Technical Papers

The Vertical Slicer: Verticals’ Entry Point to 5G Networks, Claudio Casetti, Carla Fabiana Chiasserini, Thomas Deiß, Jose Enrique González Blázquez, Giada Landi, Josep Mangues-Bafalluy, Jorge Martín-Pérez, Nuria Molner, Cao-Thanh Phan, Farouk Messaoudi, Nicolás Serrano, Charles Turyagyenda http://5g-transformer.eu/index.php/2018/04/26/5gppp-paper-accepted-for-presentation-at-eucnc2018-net/

Joint paper from the 5GPPP Technical Board:

Enabling Vertical Industries Adoption of 5G Technologies: a Cartography of evolving solutions, Anastasios Zafeiropoulos, Panagiotis Gouvas, Eleni Fotopoulou, George Tsiolis, Thanos Xirofotos, Jose Bonnet, Gino Carrozzo, Stamatia Rizou, Anastasius Gavras, Maria Barros, Xavier Costa-Perez, Athul Prasad, Marco Gramaglia, Anna Tzanakaki, Dimitra Simeonidou, John Cosmas, Mikael Fallgren, Raul Muñoz, Ricard Vilalta


Smart connectivity in the context of Next Generation Internet, organized by Arturo Azcorra, 5G TRANSFORMER Coordinator & 5TONIC Laboratory.

You can find the videos of the recorded EuCNC2018 sessions at https://www.eucnc.eu/webcasting/

All the information is also available on the 5G PPP website: https://5g-ppp.eu/5g-ppp-at-eucnc-2018/

Interview with Arturo Azcorra, 5G TRANSFORMER Coordinator