European Commission visited the 5G-TRANSFORMER booth

During EuCNC 2018, at the exhibition area, 5G TRANSFORMER had the opportunity to meet at the booth, three European Commission Representatives from DG Connect area. They were Bernard Barani (Deputy Head of Unit, Future Connectivity Systems, European Commission), Pavlos FOURNOGERAKIS (Programme Officer at Network Technologies, DG CONNECT, European Commission) and Didier Arnaud Bourse (Director, European R&I Programs at Nokia). There, the project partners showed and explained demos, videos and posters exhibited at the booth. 

There, Mr. Arturo Azcorra, 5G TRANSFORMER project coordinator, explained to these European Commission representatives the main results obtained in first year of life of this 5G PPP Project and other colleagues showed the available videos and demos. 

The 5G TRANSFORMER was sharing a booth together with 5G CORAL and 5G Ex projects. The demos were from these 3 different projects which are collaborating together in the area of multi-domain, multi-provider orchestration of services and resources in cloud, edge and fog environments. They are of great importance to Europe and they are part of the 5G PPP iniciative. 

All in all, the EuCNC 2018 was a big success. Don’t forget to check out the following media: