New deliverables available

Last week, the EuCNC 2018 took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The 5G Transformer project, along with the 5G Coral and 5G Ex projects presented their technical demonstrations of project results in a joint booth. Being one of the dissemination goals of the project to present these results in relevant events, the deliverable D6.3  “Demonstrations at EUCNC’18 or equivalent” explains briefly all the demonstration activities that had been carried out during EuCNC. It also gathers the social media-related metrics of that period as well as other relevant information, like the number of visitors the booth had. The document is available for download here.

D7.3 “First periodic report of the project” constitutes the nonfinancial part of the Periodic Report to be delivered two months after the end of the period (M15), this is, it  presents the Part B of the First Periodic Report that will be delivered before 28th of August 2018. It mainly includes the information of the scientific work carried out between 1st of June 2017 and 30th of June 2018.
This document includes the Publishable Summary, patents and dissemination activities that will be completed in the Participant Portal too, a description of the technical work carried out by beneficiaries and overview of the progress in the first 13 months of the project, including the objectives, the work performed by work package, the deliverables and milestones, the impact and finally the deviations of the project. The document is available for download here