New series of episodes of 5G Crosshaul: Integrated backhaul and fronthaul transport network

5G CROSSHAUL project has created a series of presentations and webinars in telecom community TelecomsRadar, relating 5G Coral. 5G Transformer and 5GEx projects.

The first episode, about the 5G CORAL project, consist of a webinar presented by Dr. Alain Mourad. Further info can be found on its website:

The second episode, “5GEx concepts and how they evolve together with 5G-Crosshaul into 5G-TRANSFORMER” links both 5G TRANSFORMER and 5GEx projects. Dr. Carlos J. Bernardos  from UC3M, explains 5GEX concepts and how they evolve with 5G-Crosshaul into 5G-TRANSFORMER project

There is another episode, consisting of a 5G TRANSFORMER-related presentation is called “Entry point of verticals to 5G systems: the 5G-TRANSFORMER vertical slicer”, by Dr. Thomas Deiß. The presentation describes an entry point to a 5G system, where verticals can define and instantiate their vertical services.

The rest of them can be attended/downloaded by registering in the following webpage, and you can now register to all episodes at once and be informed as to when new episodes are available:

Register to all episodes. More information is available on the 5G PPP initiative website, clicking here.