Major milestone: Release 1 of 5G-TRANSFORMER software

Release 1 of 5G-TRANSFORMER software was just published Open Source. It includes features such as network slicing, monitoring platform, service management, Cloudify integration, OSM integration, all this with interfaces aligned with ETSI NFV Interface and Information Model Specifications (IFA). This is a major milestone for the project.

You can access our github account for downloading it by clicking here.

The code is divided in the four main blocks of the 5G-TRANSFORMER architecture:

  • Vertical Slicer Platform
  • Service Orchestrator Platform
  • Mobile Transport and Computing Platform
  • Monitoring Platform

They can all be accesed through our Open Source page, link here.

Also, all architectural details (global and for each of the building blocks) are available here.

Development work on each of these building blocks continues and a new release will be available in a few months with more advanced features.

Stay tuned!