FrontHaul & BackHaul Convergence for 5G Use Cases

The “FrontHaul & BackHaul Convergence for 5G Use Cases” session took place last April 11th in the 5TONIC Lab.

The 5G-TRANSFORMER project was invited to the Fronthaul & Backhaul Convergence for 5G event, running a live Mobile Cloud Robotics show. 

The main innovations that were shown were the following:

  • The Mobile-Transport and cloud Platform (MTP) for real-time, policy-driven orchestration and automation of physical and virtual network functions. The platform orchestrates radio, transport, and cloud to enable creation and operation of 5G based services for Industry Verticals.
  • The underlying 5G transport network that provides fronthaul & backhaul interfaces for different use cases: wireline enterprise access, eMBB, critical and massive IoT communications, etc.
  • The mobile cloud robotics use case where robots and automated guided vehicles (AGV’s) interact to manipulate and move objects in a working area inside the 5TONIC Lab.
    This activity was carried out in the framework of 5G-TRANSFORMER and 5G-Crosshaul EU projects where the MTP platform has been defined and realized. During the event, the technology that has been developed in the 5G-TRANSFORMER project, was presented to Telefonica’s business units.

The event’s work and effort was driven by Ericsson Research in tight cooperation with the Ericsson Network product management and with Telefonica involvement on 5G transport network capabilities. 

Below, the agenda of the event: