ACM MobiHoc Conference 2019 – Demo 1

blueSPACE and 5G-TRANSFORMER projects held a joint demo at the ACM MobiHoc 2019 conference, with the participation of Nextworks, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna and Politecnico di Torino. The demo showed the provisioning and auto-scaling of network slices for a virtual Content Delivery Network (CDN) service with mobile and fixed users. Everything was running on-site on a portable realistic testbed, and the visitors experienced how the integrated system eases the delivery and management of customized network slices.

The Vertical Slicer and the Monitoring Platform developed in 5G-TRANSFORMER were integrated with the NFV Orchestrator, VNF and PNF Managers developed in blueSPACE, providing a network slicing and NFV MANO solution for lifecycle management of end-to-end services in 5G infrastructures. The system managed dynamically network slices customized for the CDN service, integrating the provisioning of mobile connectivity through the automated configuration of Distributed and Central Unit PNFs and vEPC VNFs to serve mobile users. Exploiting service-level monitoring information collected from the CDN application, the NFV orchestrator dynamically adjusted the number of media caches deployed at the network edge, based on the real-time traffic load, and reconfigured the VNFs to guarantee service continuity and QoS for mobile and fixed users.Figure 1: vCDN demo – service and platform components

Figure 2: vCDN demo – platform deployment

Figure 3: vCDN demo – video on mobile clients

Figure 4: vCDN demo – blueprint of the vertical service

 Figure 5: vCDN demo

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