ACM MobiHoc Conference 2019 – Demo 2

5G-TRANSFORMER was present at the Demo Session of the ACM MobiHoc 2019 conference (2-5 July, Catania) with the Demo called “Composing Services in 5G-TRANSFORMER”, which was carried out with the participation of CTTC, Nextworks and UC3M institutions.

The demo showed the capabilities of the 5GTRANSFORMER architecture to handle the automatic end-to-end orchestration (instantiation/termination) of a composite network service (NS) in a multiPop infrastructure connected using a multi-domain transport network combining different transmission technologies, namely wireless and optical, as depicted in Figure 1.

The value proposition of this demo lies in the enhanced Service Orchestration Engine (SOE) of the 5GT-SO module. The addition of Service Composition capabilities at the SOE module has been transparently added to the initial SOE design looking for simplifying operational workflows and maximizing code reuse. The SOE is able to understand the nature of the NS instantiation request, i.e, whether it is a simple or a composite NS, and act accordingly. In addition to this, in the case of a composite NS request, the SOE is able to accept references to already deployed NSs, check the feasibility of the request, instantiate the missing part of the composite NS and interconnect the different constituent NSs of the requested composite NS. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first operational demonstration of dynamic network composition.

   Figure 1. Service Composition Demo – service, platform and underlying infrastructure

Figure 2. Service Composition Demo – Preparation of demo setup

Figure 3. Service Composition Demo – Demo explanation to conference attendants

Video of the demo: