Target SDOs Activity Status Date
ETSI MEC Creation of WI ETSI MEC by 5G-TRANSFORMER Agreed 21/11/2017
NGMN NGMN abstraction based on 5G-TRANSFORMER E2E Architecture diagram 25/07/2017
SAC Creation of Standardization Activities Roadmap (SAR) within the 5G-TRANSFORMER project Done 09/04/2018

1. Instantiating a Network Slice integrating MEC applications, using 3GPP elements.

2. Use case on creation and termination of a slice

3.  MEC reference architecture in a NFV environment

4. Managing Traffic Redirection from the Mobile Edge Platform: Approaches to Address Issue#9 of ETSI MEC017

Accepted 07/05/2018


MEC meeting presentation by IDCC, requirements for MEC Systems with 3rd Parties 10/05/2018
IETF (DMM WG) Proxy Mobile IPv6 extensions for Distributed Mobility Management ( Adopted 02/03/2018


Network Virtualization Research Challenges ( draft-irtf-nfvrg-gaps-network-virtualization Adopted 03/07/2017 (+ updates)
IETF (NFVRG) Multi-domain Network Virtualization ( draft-bernardos-nfvrg-multidomain 05/03/2018 (+ updates)
IETF (SFC WG) Service Function discovery in fog environment ( draft-bernardos-sfc-discovery 05/03/2018
IRTF (NFVRG) IPv6-based discovery and association of Virtualization Infrastructure Manager (VIM) and Network Function Virtualization Orchestrator (NFVO)

( ) draft-bernardos-nfvrg-vim-discovery

IETF (COMS BoF) COMS Architecture ( draft-geng-coms-architecture 05/03/2018
IETF (COMS BoF) Problem Statement of Common Operation and Management of Network Slicing

( draft-geng-coms-problem-statement

IETF (CCAMP WG) A YANG Data Model for Microwave Topology

( draft-ye-ccamp-mw-topo-yang

IETF (CCAMP WG) A framework for management and control of microwave and millimeter wave interface parameters

( draft-ietf-ccamp-microwave-framework

Adopted 05/01/2018
IETF (CCAMP WG) A YANG Data Model for Microwave Radio Link

( draft-ietf-ccamp-mw-yang

3GPP SA2 (S2-183925-S2-183923) New Key Issue: Identify scenarios when Network Slices cannot coexist within a single PLMN Agreed 16/04/2018
White paper of MEC in 5G