The 5G-TRANSFORMER project participates in the brand-new Common Dissemination Booster (CDB) service of the European Commission


  • The Common Dissemination Booster (CDB) is a brand-new service from the European commission which provides a professional support to best disseminate project’s outcomes to end-users, with an eye on exploitation opportunities

  • 5G-TRANSFORMER participates in this free of charge service together with the 5G-Crosshaul and 5G-CORAL projects.

Barcelona, June 04, 2018   ̶  5G-TRANSFORMER, in a common team with the 5G-Crosshaul and 5G-CORAL projects, is benefitting from the Common Dissemination Booster (CDB) service as part of the CDB04/05-5G-TRANSFORMER group. This team presents relevant synergies, since 5G-TRANSFORMER inherits the legacy of 5G-Crosshaul (finished in December 2017) and also has tight links with 5G-CORAL (also started in June 2017) in the field of orchestration of virtual network infrastructures encompassing computing (cloud and edge) and heterogeneous transport networks. The goal of 5G-TRANSFORMER is to deliver a complete scalable 5G Mobile Transport and Computing Platform by adding the support of: i) integrated MEC services, ii) dynamic placement and migration mechanisms of virtual functions (VFs), iii) new mechanisms for sharing of VFs by multiple tenants and slices, iv) new abstraction models for vertical services, and v) customized profiles for the C-RAN functional split considering the requirements from verticals industries.

The CDB04/05-5G-TRANSFORMER group was selected after an evaluation process to which multiple groups of projects applied. All five services to which it applied were accepted and the kick-off took place on May 14, 2018 with Service 1 (portfolio identification). The rest of services will run sequentially until mid-2019. As a result, a common results grid in the form of a dissemination portfolio will be produced. In turn, this will enable identifying the appropriate stakeholders and end users and designing customized dissemination activities, hence improving their joint impact.

The common dissemination booster is a brand-new service of the European Commission to increase the impact of European research on 5G networks in society. The CDB service is a free of charge service, available to all, ongoing or closed, European, National, Regional funded Research & Innovation (R&I) projects (H2020, FP7 or other) providing professional support and encouraging projects to come together to identify a common portfolio of results and shows them how to best disseminate to end-users, with an eye on exploitation opportunities. CDB spans from 7 up to 17 months and it consists of five services, namely portfolio identification service, stakeholder/end-user mapping, portfolio dissemination plan development, portfolio dissemination capacity building, dissemination campaign management. Trust-IT Services, an international marketing & research organization specialized in fostering Information and Communication Technology solutions provides all CDB services on behalf of the European Commission.


New submitted deliverables

New deliverables have been submited and added to the webpage:

  • D1.2 5G-TRANSFORMER initial system design
  • D5.1 Definition of vertical testbeds and initial integration plans
  • D6.2 Communication, Dissemination, and Exploitation achievements of Y1 and plan for Y2

They can be found in the deliverables page, available at:


Thank you to everybody who has contributed to the task.

Imagine Digital & Connect Europe – ICT2018


About ICT 2018:

ICT 2018 will take place in Vienna on 4-6 December 2018. This research and innovation event will focus on the European Union’s priorities in the digital transformation of society and industry. It will present an opportunity for the people involved in this transformation to share their experience and vision of Europe in the digital age.

In an open and participatory event, organised by the European Commission and the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, citizens can join science community members, policymakers, and fellow ICT-enthusiasts to discuss the future in a digital Europe.

Multi-Access Edge Computing Seminar at UC3M

5G Transformer Project in cooperation with 5G Coral Project have organized a Seminar dedicated to “Multi-Access Edge Computing” at UC3M facilities, from 8-10 May.

Dario Sabella, from Telecom Italia Spa (TIM) is the speaker of this session who is much experienced in this field. Check here his publications and patents in a short bio of him.

Seminar agenda:

Day 1 – Tuesday May 8th, 2018
11.00 – 13.00 Overview on Edge Computing, Fog computing, Cloud computing
13.00 – 14.00 Lunch break
14.00 – 15.45 MEC Framework and Reference Architecture
15.45 – 16.00 Break
16.00 – 17.30 General principles for Mobile Edge Service APIs;
Day 2 – Wednesday May 9th, 2018
9.00 – 10.45 Mobile Edge Management, Mobile Edge Platform
Application Enablement
10.45 – 11.00 Break
11.00 – 13.00 MEC Mobility aspects
13.00 – 14.00 Lunch break
14.00 – 15.45 MEC in 5G, MEC in NFV
15.45 – 16.00 Break
16.00 – 17.30 Metrics Best Practices and Guidelines, MEC PoCs (case study: RAVEN PoC)
Day 3 – Thursday May 10th, 2018
9.00 – 10.45 MEC APIs (RNI, Location, UE identity, V2X, …)
10.45 – 11.00 Break
11.00 – 13.00 MEC support for V2X use cases
13.00 – 14.00 Lunch break

More info on 5GPPP website, clicking here. 

New co-organized Workshop at EuCNC 2018

“Multi-provider, multi-vendor, multi-player orchestration: from distributed cloud to edge and fog environments in 5G” – Monday, 18 June 2018

The 3rd Workshop will take place at EuCNC 2018. For further information click on the link here.

This workshop will be undertaken jointly with:

•    5G-Exchange:
•    5G-CORAL:
•    NECOS:
•    5G!Pagoda:
•    5G-MONARCH:
•    NG-PAAS:
•    SliceNet:
•    5GCity:
•    5G-PICTURE:
•    One5G:
•    5GMEDIA:
•    RECAP:

Further information about our presence at EuCNC 2018 available on the 5GPPP website clicking here.

5GPPP papers accepted for presentation at EUCNC2018-NET

The following papers have recently been accepted for presentation at EUCNC2018-NET:

  • Enabling Vertical Industries Adoption of 5G Technologies: A Cartography of Evolving Solutions, Anastasios Zafeiropoulos, Panagiotis Gouvas, Eleni Fotopoulou, George Tsiolis, Thanos Xirofotos, Jose Bonnet, Gino Carrozzo, Stamatia Rizou, Anastasius Gavras, Maria Barros, Xavier Costa-Perez, Athul Prasad, Marco Gramaglia, Anna Tzanakaki, Dimitra Simeonidou, John Cosmas, Mikael Fallgren, Raul Muñoz, Ricard Vilalta 
  • The Vertical Slicer: Verticals’ Entry Point to 5G Networks, Claudio Casetti, Carla Fabiana Chiasserini, Thomas Deiß, Jose Enrique González Blázquez, Giada Landi, Josep Mangues-Bafalluy, Jorge Martín-Pérez, Nuria Molner, Cao-Thanh Phan, Farouk Messaoudi, Nicolás Serrano, Charles Turyagyenda 

These 5G-Transformer papers, will be presented in Ljubljana, Slovenia from 18th to 21st June in the 27th Edition of the European Conference on Networks and Communications (EUCNC).

There, multiple research results in the field of telecommunications will be presented. Researchers from all over the world will be brought together and it will be one of the main venues for showcasing, demonstrating and trialling the results of their respective research projects. It is an event sponsored by IEEE ComSoc and EURASIP, and financially supported by the European Commission.



5G TRANSFORMER in the Multidisciplinary Symposium on 5G (Málaga, Spain)

SAMUR-Proteccion Civil, one of the partners of 5G TRANSFORMER Project, will participate in one of the sessions at the Multidisciplinar Symposium on 5G which will take place in Malaga the 25th of April. There will  be presented the advantages of the 5G technology implemented by the project in order to reduce response time in case of emergency, saving lives.

The title of SAMUR´S presentation at the Symposium is “Salvar vidas ahorrando tiempo” which means “To save lives saving time”. The Project is funded by Horizon 2020 and the University of Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M) coordinate it.

For further information, click here  to have a copy of the presentation (Spanish)

To see all the gathered information during the participation on the 5G Forum in Malaga, click here to see the Newsletter.


5G-Transformer in collaboration with Samur-Proteccion Civil

5G Transformer
The 5G Transformer Project, a 5G-PPP project, aims to define and develop an innovative platform of 5G Mobile Transport Network intended to suport the vertical industries (mainly focusing on the low-latency communication-related needs) through flexible sharing and the federation of resources in multiple domains. The University Carlos III of Madrid holds the coordination of the project. 18  partners form the Consortium and it includes:
  • Manufacturers and  supliers of the Telecommunication Industry: NEC, Ericsson, Nokia, InterDigital.
  • Carriers: Orange, Telefónica.
  • Vertical industries: the investigation center CRF of the group FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles), ATOS, Ayuntamiento de Madrid (SAMUR-Protección Civil).
  • SMEs: Nextworks, Mirantis.
  • Institutes of Research and Universities: b<>com, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, CTTC, Politecnico di Torino, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Eurecom, ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan).

The project, which started last 1st of June 2017, will have a duration of 30 months. Among others, its main purpose is to explore the possibilities this new and emergent 5G mobile technology can offer,  such as to the Samur-Proteccion Civil health emergency services. Not only of importance because of our participation, but also as a partner and final user.

The trials are scheduled to be in different placements around Europe during the course of the project in 2018 and 2019.

SAMUR-Protección Civil, in colaboration with the Subdirección General de Informática y Nuevas Tecnologías de la Dirección General de Emergencias y Protección Civil, has proposed a new use case to be developed and tested during the project, which consists of a “Smart T-Shirt”. It will be designed to save lives in case of a medical emergency thanks to 5G technology.

The “Smart T-Shirt” would measure the heart beat with help of some sensors which, in case of potentially lethal cardiac arrhythmia , would generate an automatic alert to a near ambulance, through a mobile phone using Bluetooth. At the same time, the mobile phone would send this warning to the closest hospital, without the need of going through a communications center, considerabily decreasing the response time in a critical situation of emergency.

Link to the original article (Spanish) here


The 5G-TRANSFORMER project participated in the First Workshop on Control and management of Vertical slicing including the Edge and Fog Systems (COMPASS) which took place in Barcelona, Spain on April 15, 2018 in conjunction with IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (IEEE WCNC 2018).

This COMPASS Workshop is a result of merging the First International Workshop on Edge and Fog Systems for 5G & Beyond (IWEF) with The COntrol and Management of network slices for VERTicals (COMVERT) Workshop, creating this new COMPASS workshop, and is co-organized by the 5G-TRANSFORMER and 5G-CORAL projects.

The workshop was organized in two separated sessions, the first one focused on the 5G for Vertical Industries and the second one on the Fog and MEC integration. In the first session of the workshop the participants deep dived into different architectural designs aimed at optimally supporting the requirements of vertical industries in future 5G networks.


During the workshop, different contributions were made from 5G-TRANSFORMER. In the picture above, Thomas Deiss from NOKIA and WP3 leader of the 5G-TRANSFORMER project presented a paper focused on the Vertical Slicer component of the 5G-TRANSFORMER system architecture.

The presentations are available for download at:

Presentation 1- Network Slices for Vertical Industries

Presentation 2- Service Orchestration and Federation for Verticals

Presentation 3- 5G Mobile Transport and Computing Platform for Verticals

Presentation 4- MEC-aware Cell Association for 5G Heterogeneous Networks

Presentation 5- Opportunities and Challenges of Joint Edge and Fog Orchestration

Presentation 6- An Integrated Edge and Fog System for Future Communication Networks

Furthermore, Mr. Xavier Costa from NEC Laboratories Europe participated at the industry panel number 3, dedicated to “5G and Verticals” area with the presentation “The Connected and Automated Driving (CAD) Case”at the IEEE WCNC 2018. Download now clicking here

Network Plenary Meeting in Pisa (Italy)

5G TRANSFORMER project organized its last network meeting in Pisa (Italy). The event took place from 8-10 April 2018 and brought together all the consortium to discuss about the activities carried out until now and beyond on the frame of the project.